One trend that we are acutely aware of and concerned about is that crime is not just increasing in actual statistics, but also in sophistication. Whilst batons and bicycles were appropriate crime prevention tools at a time, we must all take the fight against crime to the next level and use the latest technology to our advantage.

After many months of intense solution research and costing the Loevenstein community accepted the original proposed LPR & CCTV solution for future crime prevention at our 5 June 2014 AGM.

The response of the Loevenstein community to this exiting crime prevention technology was less encouraging with only 19% of the required funds collected in the first 12 months. It was apparent that a much more intensive marketing drive was required and that the original design was not affordable to the Loevenstein Community. The LCW Committee revisited the functional requirements of the original project to reduce the overall project cost to the basic LPR functionality. After wide consultation and consideration of alternative costing models the LCW Committee approved a revised proposal on 2016-01-19. With lower equipment costs and a significant initial contribution from our service provider, Zonewatch, we are now able to bring a LPR solution to the Loevenstein community at 54% of the original project cost.
Current project status: Our iWatch LPR Camera project went live on 19 Aug 2016 with three camera poles covering the entire Loevenstein West of Jip de Jager. This excellent progress with the initial installation took our iWatch project midway into Phase 2. The Loevenstein community is now called upon to step up the contributions in order that we can also cover the area East of Jip de Jager.   (Updated  17 March 2017)

Emergency Numbers

ZONEWATCH Control Room:
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086 151 5800

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SAPS Duty Man. :
021 918 3661 /
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082 3017402

021 695 3061,
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082 356 2749 /
084 124

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Tygerberg Hosp.:
021 931 6129

0800 055 555

SAPS Sector Manager is W/O Tobie Engelbrecht (Sector 3)