Loevenstein Crime Watch
Loevenstein Crime Watch

Emergency Numbers

ZONEWATCH Control Room: (If you are a client)
086 151 5800

SAPS Call Centre:

SAPS Duty Man. :
021 918 3661 / 021 918 3012 / 02 918 3014, 082 3017402

021 695 3061, 021 596-1999

082 356 2749 / 084 124

EMERGENCY via landline:

EMERGENCY via cell phone:


Tygerberg Hosp.: 021 931 6129

0800 055 555

SAPS Sector Manager is W/O Tobie Engelbrecht (Sector 3)

Donations overview

LCW is, like other neighbourhood watches, a non-profit-making organisation and may not levy any membership fees as governed by our constitution.

Day to day administration, mass communication media and patrolling costs are all covered personally by this team of volunteers. Neighbourhood watches are therefore dependent on fundraising events and donations to be able to survive financially.

All donations are monitored and approved by the Bellville CPF to ensure that the LCW stays focussed on its purpose.

Any donation, even how small would be appreciated and sponsors may also opt to fund a particular aspect of our operations e.g. year-end recognition vouchers to our security armed response officers, equipment for our patrollers, etc.

Any donor or sponsor is welcome to discuss a proposed donation with the LCW Committee.

Banking details

Dear Loevenstein resident or business, thank you for considering a donation to the Loevenstein Crime Watch to assist with the normal administrative and running costs of organising our patrollers, distributing newsletters, flyers etc. Should your donation be towards a more specific course such as equipment for the patrollers, an event etc., please specify this with our Treasurer.

Our banking details are:

Bank: Nedbank Ltd
Branch: Tyger Valley
Branch Code: 10391000
Account name: Loevenstein Crime Watch
Type Account: Club Account
Account number: 2007797844
Reference: Donate_xxsurnamexx

Patrolling overview

Patrolling the streets and open areas of a neighbourhood is one of the most effective pillars of crime prevention and is in effect a community mobilisation against crime in action. This community mobilisation may be driven by a crime situation that spiralled out of control or as a sound proactive crime prevention strategy. The latter is an informed community decision which would be demonstrated by a significant percentage of the community being actively involved as patrollers.

Apart from active vehicle patrollers LCW also have stationary observers and foot patrollers that cover regular routes as part of their daily exercise.

These voluntary patrollers are not residents with a lot of spare time, but rather committed residents that prioritise their commitments with the aim to make our neighbourhood a safer and more secure place to live. Patrollers are all formally registered trained and bound by a Code of Conduct and patroller guidelines.

Awareness of the crime and the actual risks in an area is significantly sharpened through active participation as a neighbourhood patroller.

Volunteer as patroller

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